Know What to Expect from Your PA State Inspection in Butler, PA

Know What to Expect from Your PA State Inspection in Butler, PA

January 22, 2016

To better ensure safety on Pennsylvania’s roads, an annual state safety inspection is required for all vehicles. If you’ve recently moved to the state, or if you’ve never previously brought a vehicle in for a PA state inspection in Butler, PA, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • The technician will verify that you own your vehicle, and that it’s properly insured.
  • They’ll perform an external inspection of the vehicle, including the windshield, windows, mirrors, doors, fenders, hood, trunk, flooring, bumpers, lights, gas cap and shock absorbers.
  • They’ll perform an internal inspection, which covers the steering column, indicator lights, horn, brake pedal, parking brake, safety belts, inside mirror and defrost system.
  • They’ll check under the hood, particularly the motor mounts, fuel systems and controls, brake system, exhaust system and battery.
  • They’ll conduct a visual inspection of the emissions system.
  • They’ll check underneath the vehicle, looking at the tires, steering system, suspension system, floor, frame, exhaust system, braking system and fuel system.
  • Finally, they’ll do a road test to check the operation and responsiveness of the vehicle.

As you can see, the inspection process is very thorough. Remember to bring your driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration to your PA state inspection in Butler, PA. Come prepared, and Bowman’s Auto Repair can inspect your vehicle more efficiently, allowing you to be on your way as quickly as possible. We look forward to seeing you!

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